About the Project

Embarking on a major project requires a number of elements to come together for a successful outcome. Among them is a well-considered program of requirements by the client outlining the intended scope of work. A couple embarking on a significant alteration project to their Greenwich, Connecticut home prepared just such a program. Being wine enthusiasts, a new wine cellar held particular importance in the client’s brief.

Soper Babcock Associates prepared preliminary plans which included a 2,000 bottle wine cellar on the finished basement level and a 500 bottle cellar directly above on the first floor.

The first-floor wine cellar is a glass cube that straddles the open floor plan of the kitchen and family room. It was conceived as a both a functional space for their extensive wine collection as well as a stunning art piece, intended to be lived with and enjoyed by all. The U-shaped layout uses minimalist racking parallel to the glass side walls fabricated from steel rods and custom stained alder wood blocks.

Process Insights

This particular racking treatment has a sculptural feel and lightness to it allowing each bottle to be appreciated three-dimensionally. The rear wall is divided between large format storage, case storage, and individual bottle display/storage. The glass walls are frameless floor to ceiling single thickness glass with stainless steel lining the top edge. The floor finish is grey travertine with framing in place for a structural glass panel to view the future 2,000 bottle wine cellar directly below.

Drawing: Glass Wine Cellar First Floor Plan

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